Welcome to the homepage of the student conducted dorm Hermannstraße!

We live and shape the dorm together!

It doesn’t matter if you’d rather study hard, do sports or discover Aachen’s and Germany’s diverse beer culture, you’ll love it here!
If you are looking not only for a room, but also for nice flatmates and want to participate in our community, you’ll fit in with ease!

We are a dorm funded and sponsored by the catholic church but christian denomination is not required to apply.
We offer both rooms for individuals and couples.

Students of all of Aachen’s universities are welcome.

Best location in the heart of Aachen

When it comes to real estate, you will want to consider three things: location, location and location. Well, we mainly feature one thing: An outstanding location.
We truly live in the best place in Aachen: In between RWTH, old city, „socializing“ district and nature – and we take no longer than 5 minutes to reach every spot on foot!

Self conducted

The affordable rent can only be upheld due to our continuous effort. We are self conducted which means that we take care of most things to be done. For instance, there is no list to wait your place into the dorm – we choose freely from all available applications whom we want to live with.
We are looking for people who want to share more than a kitchen. Come live with us, make friends, do sports, take responsibility!

Dorm houses and rooms

The dorm includes three houses with different types of rooms.

Back building

In the newest building of our dorm, 11 people live in single-person and two-person apartments, both with toilet and shower. The kitchen and common room are shared by all.

Old house

In the part of our dorm which has been built first, 13 students share 3 floors, which each features 1 shared toilet and shower. All 13 share a kitchen and a washing machine.

Main building

In the main building every room features a toilet and shower. 7-13 people live on each of the 4 floors and share the kitchen. There is access to three washing machines and a tumble dryer.

  • 50-75m²
  • rent including heating: ≈ 420€ (Updated: 2020) 
  • flat for two persons, own bathroom, common kitchen
  • ∼12m²
  • rent including heating: ≥ 185 € (Updated: 2020)
  • private room for one person, common kitchen and livingroom
  • ∼14m²
  • rent include heating: ≥ 205€ (Updated: 2020)
  • private room for one person, own bathroom, common kitchen

The rent is remarkably low for Aachen, especially as water, gas and electricity are already included. There will be a small fee depending on your future flatmates (50-70€ per term), which includes the internet fee.
We offer high speed internet connection (gigabit) from each room, direct connection to the RWTH intranet, Wifi everywhere in the dorm, a collectively used printer and scanner.

Common areas

Life in our dorm includes community and a lovely atmosphere to our mates. Common areas supports this way of living together.


The kitchens are the spot of students every day life. It may happen that partygoers and early birds will meet here in the morning.

Small gym

In our dorm’s gym you can train after a busy day. The use is free of charge.

Spacious study room

The upper floor of the club room is used as a silent study room until 20:00. During your exams you can learn here permanently.


The clubroom offers the possibility of playing footballer, billiards, darts or the piano. It is also equipped with a video projector and a sound system for movie nights.


In Heimbach in the Eifel the dorm has a holiday home, which is free of charge. Once a year, each floor can spend a weekend there together.

Roof garden

In our courtyard and the roof garden you can easily sunbathe in the summer or have a barbecue with friends. In July our big summer party takes place in the courtyard.


Our HermannLounge is the perfect location for parties for up to 30 people. Equipped with a sound system, LED lighting strips and toilets, the lounge offers perfect conditions.

H15 Club

It has its own sanitary facilities, a desk, a music and lighting system and a fog machine. After convention or at dorm parties the beer cellar is the gathering point.

Bicycle cellar

In our locked bicycle shed most residents have a bicycle parking. As Aachen is known as a hotspot for bicycle thieves, you will be happy to know your bike in safety.

Do you like it?

Your application

Send us the application form – Heads up couples: We need one for each person

  • some words about you (1-2 pages) – Who are you, why do you want to move in and why should we pick you?
  • your CV – We won’t rate you on your coding skills…
  • photo – not required but much appreciated

The evidence that you have been accepted to an university of Aachen can be handed in later. In consequence, you may also apply if you’re not yet enrolled at the university.

Very important:
Europeans tend to be less formal than many other countries.
You are presenting yourself to new friends, be open, be funny, get the best out of you!
Applications without any personal touch hardly stand a chance.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!
The residents of Hermannstraße 15

Any questions?
Follow us!


By car:

Put Hermannstraße 15, 52062 Aachen into your navigation system. Parking spots close by are very tight, parking comes at a fee payable at the parking meter down the street. Moving in you can park your car on a reserved spot for a few hours.

By train:

Go to Westbahnhof Aachen (15 minutes by foot) or Hauptbahnhof Aachen (10 minutes by bus).

By bus:

Go to Ehrenmal (Lousberg) or Driescher Gässchen, walk 5 minutes to the dorm.

The rent includes water usage, electricity and heat. It does not include a kitchen fee, which is around 11€ per month and used to pay for internet, GEZ, kitchen utensiles etc.
We do have a few apartments which you can apply for. We’ll need you to both write an application letter, fill out the online form and send everything to us.
We’re pretty proud to be self conducted and set our own rules. We try to keep those to an absolute minimum and depend on the commitment of all residents. So we’d love you to volunteer  and pick up a task, be it big or small.

We’d love to get to know you personally! But if we invite you and you can really not make it, Skype is an option and we can surely figure something out. A camera is a requirement!

Yes and no. Our apartments are designed for couples and will only be rented out to pairs of people. You won’t be able to apply for a shared room with a stranger. If the two of you want to move into an apartment,we’ll need you to both write an application letter, fill out the online form and send everything to us.
Yes, there is a wardrobe, a bed frame (90cm * 200cm) with slat frame and mattress and a desk. Both the desk and bed are optional items which you can move to the cellar. The wardrobe cannot be removed from the room.

You will receive a confirmation mail. Sometimes we miss to send out an confirmation email. So don’t worry about it. We still received your application.

No, in our residence hall there is no waiting list.
When you send your application, we put it into a file, but only complete applications containing letter of application, curriculum vitae and completed KHG-form get there.

The fellow occupants choose a new roommate on the basis of the applications in the file.
If there is any vacant room, some applicants will be invited to get to know some occupants.
In the end of the evening the occupants decide which appliant will move into the vacant room on their floor.

No! Your religious views will have no impact on your application.

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